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Vehicle Movements

Traffic Flow Specialist.

We capture traffic flow data that improve coverage and accuracy for traffic operations, and the driving public.

Providing specialised solution, our vehicle movement product offerings consist of TrafficFlow, TrafficFlow Plus and Smart Work Zone solutions. These solutions capture vehicle data via radar sensors equipped with wireless and built-in solar powered which allow the flexibility for the devices to be deployed virtually at any location without the costly network link such as fiber or cable and power connectivity.

Traffic Flow Solution

TrafficFlow is an automated system that calculates vehicular speeds along roads and highways and provides the speed information for various traffic information services such as mobile applications and highways variable message display (VMS).

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Traffic Flow Plus Solution

TrafficFlow Plus is an advanced traffic flow system for road authorities and highway operators to detect, capture and analyse vehicle movement on roads and highways includes vehicle volume, speed, class and occupancy.

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Smart Work Zone Solution

Smart Work Zone is an automated smart work zone solution for road and highway operators to increase safety and provide information at road work zone during road development or maintenance.

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