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Drone Academy


Start your career as a Commercial Drone Pilot with the Malaysia’s Highest Rated Drone Training Academy

Market-Leading Drone Pilot Training.

Pioneering New Standard in Professional Drone Pilot Training

Approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) for training design and delivery, Kreatif Apps in partnership with Garuda Robotics Pte. Ltd. has developed a range of UAS training solutions for recreational, commercial and publics sector clients.

Here at Kreatif Apps Drone, we recommend students new to drone flying should take the Professional Drone Pilot Training course to ensure you become a competent and confident drone pilot.

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This short course has been designed by Industry Expert to teach you about the rules and regulations in the Malaysia. You will learn about the requirements on how to be a safe Remote Pilot.

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Learn to fly your drone like a pro. Learning all of the ins-and-outs of legally flying a DJI Phantom, Inspire, or Mavic can be complex, confusing, and intimidating.  Let our experts guide you through the process in our 90 minutes of basic flight training.

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This training is designed to teach students how to use the latest drone mapping technology to collect, analyze and export high-quality mapping and modeling data for commercial use.

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This drone inspection training is intended for experienced and qualified drone pilots who are looking to extend their skills to include inspecting structures using their drone.

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We can help you with equipment, training, software versions, regulatory support etc so you can quickly start to realise the many benefits a well planned drone strategy can bring

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