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Kreatif Software

As a full-cycle software development division for Kreatif Apps, Kreatif Software specialise in three major areas; Mobile applications, advanced web applications and embedded software..

Our team consists of more than 5 engineers, designers and other professionals with an average project experience of five years. Each of our team members has a deep understanding of both the hardware and software systems needed to develop, deploy or enhance a product.

We’re experts in making content go on computers, smartphones, or any web-enabled device. When your website needs maintenance and support, our team has you covered. Whether your web or app project deals with what’s now or what’s next, we have solutions that can help.

  • Content Publishing – Content and publishing are the driving force of digital interaction; we can make sure those interactions are rewarding for both you and your users.
  • Technology & Development – Our technical solutions always consider the future—making sure that your site is built to last.
  • User Experience & Design – We put human-centered design at the core of our practice because the robots haven’t won, yet.
  • Support & Continuous Improvement – Our work doesn’t stop once your site goes live, so we provide the updates and enhancements you need to keep growing.
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